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The First Horrible Sentence Awards

Melanie Spiller and Coloratura Consulting

There are some sentences so convoluted and strange that they deserve an award. Some of these were in published works (gadzooks!) and others were part of work that needed me to edit it. (My apologies if your sentence is among these.)


While parodies and cartoons can be great fun, they often mask not a little truth. Sometimes common application development activities are not so easy to accomplish and therefore a prime candidate for a new WinForm control to accomplish the task. [confused focus] So what are you waiting for: start poking and reading. While cost always remains a key concern, time (or how long it takes to produce a tactical result) trumps money. [colloquialism gone wild] However, the pitch will vary as the square of the tension applied to it. In other words, from the E-flat down the arpeggio. [no noun in the subject]

Poor Word Choice

Take [the software] out and execute it. My Blog will be mainly dedicated to Research Services related items, but as things go, it will most likely expand into other areas overtime. Earlier I mentioned that to be polite, the component should not hammer the client with a constant barrage of events.

Horrible Grammar

Now and again out of every generation there bursts upon the singing scene a great natural voice.

Fatal Self-Consciousness

This design allows the reader (that’s you) to hook the UI up to another database such as Microsoft Jet without having to modify the client code too much. So, the question that should be swimming through your head is “How do I access the thread pool?” Please send me your favorite horrible sentences, and I’ll publish them periodically.
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